Furnish the details of Donations & Contribution in Kerala Relief Fund.

Furnish the details of Donations & Contribution in Kerala Relief Fund.
Tuesday, September 4, 2018
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Dear All Industrial Colleague,

On 23rd August 2018, your association SIMA appealed to all fellow industrial colleague to come forward and stand up with our brothers & sisters of the state of Kerala who are badly affected by massive destructions due to heavy floods. The destruction leads to loss of precious lives and has also destroyed the homes of the people of the state.

SIMA appealed to all the colleague industries fellows to donate generously to the Chief Ministries Distress Relief Fund for the rehabilitation of the affected people. It was requested to donate for the cause by cheques/draft/or through online payment gateways.

We are sure that the industries of UT of DNH must have extended their helping hands for brothers & sisters of the state and a handsome amount must have contributed by the industries of DNH. As our association SIMA want to compile a data of the donations and contribution of the industries for this noble cause, all the industry colleague are requested to furnish the details of the donations contributed in cash or in kind or through any other means for the cause. This will help your association SIMA to share, the details of the total donation contributions of industries of DNH, at various government agencies. So you are requested to furnish the requisite data at the earliest.

So please furnish the details as asked above on Email  simasilvassa@gmail.com or by message to Ms.Nidhi-91-7600758821.

Thanking you,

With regards,

For Silvassa Industries & Manufacturers Association, 

Narendra Trivedi,


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