About SIMA

The UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli was under Portuguese regime and this Territory was liberated in 1954 and became part of India. Since then our Territory is governed by Central Government through Home Ministry. Being dominated by Tribal population, various schemes for welfare and benefit of tribal have been introduced and implemented. With view to generate employment, industrialization was initiated by local Administration and first industrial estate in form of Danudyog was established in the year in 1965. But inflow of industry was very slow as there was lack of proper infrastructure, connectivity, transportation and availability of skilled manpower within territory.

In 1983 the Central Government introduced and extended Sales Tax Act in our Territory whereby growth of industries was bound to be affected badly, but the pioneer industrialists of our area represented to Government of India and with their efforts the Govt. of India declared 15 years Sales Tax exemption for the industries to generate employment in this backward area. We are proud that the said pioneer industrialists are still active and are key persons in our Association.

Due to the Sales Tax exemption the flow of industries in our Territory continued and slowly but steadily new industries set up in this area, In 1993 Govt. of India declared Income Tax exemption in different area and pocket of country, with view to promote industrialization and generate employments in those areas. Fortunately our Territory was one of the pocket and due to this income Tax exemption, the industrialization in our Territory was boosted and rapid record growth in the industrial sector was registered. But as we had no adequate infrastructure like power, road, housing this industrial growth took place haphazardly. And this haphazard growth has resulted and created number of problems and challenges to industrial sector and industries and particularly MSME units are badly affected by this challenges.

The industrial sector and particularly MSME units are facings number of problems in establishing and running their units. Over this Administration has failed to provide conducive atmosphere to the industries. Administration, instead of simplification of procedure for granting requisite permission, registration, consent to the industries, adopted adamant and negative approach by which the industries have suffered lot. In fact the industries have played a very vital role in socioeconomic growth of this Territory but the contribution of industries have not been acknowledged by the Administration. In recent past the voice of industries have not been heard by the Administration and various Departments and due to the delay in granting permissions and negative attitude of the departments, industries of our territory have lost their edge in competition over the industries in other part of country. Our neighboring state Gujrat has adopted a very liberal policy whereby industries from other part of country have chosen Gujrat for their new project and expansion and thereby Gujrat has emerged as investor friendly place not only India but globally also.

Due to all these the industries and particularly MSME in our territory are at present struggling for their survival. As we know that Large units have their own set up and resources they can resolve their problems by themselves, but MSME required a platform from where they can raise their collective voice. But there was no such platform in our territory from where voice of MSME can be raised and the issues can be represented to appropriate authority effectively.

Thus the industries of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and MSMEs in particular were in need of an association which can stand with them during their needs. As the issues pertaining to interest of industries remained unattended and with view to stand for and with the MSME industries, the pioneer and leading industrialists of Dadra & Nagar Haveli decided to form an association from where the united voice of industries can be louder and industries and particularly MSME can represent their issues and problem effectively. With this idea in our mind this association i.e. Silvassa Industries and Manufacturers Association (SIMA) has taken birth.

From the day of inception SIMA stood for and with the industries. The question of non-functioning of SWIFT (Single Window Investor Friendly Time Bound System) was raised and long pendency of consent to operate or established with PCC (Pollution Control Committee) of Dadra & Nagar Haveli was cleared. Even when DNHPDCL has filed for tariff revision during the last five years, our association has firmly opposed the enhancement in the tariff and it was the herculean effort of our association that has convinced JERC (Joint Electricity Regulatory Council) to minimize the increase. Not only that, it was endeavor of our association to ensure that power tariff of small industries i.e. L.T. Consumers was only increased marginally. Even your association has opposed FCCPA which DNHPDCL was using as a tool to impose additional load over industrial consumers on the name of fuel surcharge. Even our association has raised the issue of non-performance of SWIFT, the same was addressed and Honorable Administration/ Development Commissioner called the review meeting with industries to get appraised about the difficulties faced by industries.

Our motto and aim is to protect interest of industries and raised the united voice of industries at appropriate level for the redressed of the grievances of the industries. Though industries of Dadra & Nagar Haveli contributes over Rs.10000/- Crore to national exchequer by way of excise, custom, sale tax and other taxes and industries are providing direct and indirect employment to the tune of 1,20,000 persons, but are still role of industries is not appreciated by Administration.

The office bearers and executive members of SIMA are the most experienced and pioneer industrialist of Dadra & Nagar Haveli.

The office of SIMA is located at Office Number 8 of Danudyog Building, Piparia, Silvassa which is managed by Mr. Ravi N. Pandey, a well known consultant of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and served various industries at highest level. Our office is fully equipped with all infrastructure and ready to serve you at any time.

We take the privilege to thanks all the undertakings and industries who have already joined our Association SIMA.

We appeal other industries and particularly MSME units to join SIMA as member and let us unite and strengthen hands of each other so that we can stand during toughest time. You are also requested to actively participate in the activity of your Association and induce other units to join us. Our membership fee structure is influenced herewith for your ready reference. You may call or contact the undersigned, our Secretary Mr. Narendra Trivedi, Executive Secretary Mrs. Pinky Khemnani or Executive Assistant, Mob- 9327102634 for membership. You can contact any of them at association’s office or on their cell. Our representative will reach you to complete the formalities related to membership

All the industries are welcome to join Association SIMA.

Thanking you,
With regards,
For Silvassa Industries & Manufacturers Association

President and All Executive Members