Activities of SIMA


                As we are aware that, Government of India, is committed to introduce GST i.e. Goods Service Tax across the country and introduction of GST is very vital issue if we have to compete in global market. The main object of the introduction of GST is to have uniform indirect tax structure throughout the country. The GST is an indirect tax system that would subsume various Central and States indirect taxes  and apply on the supply of goods and services. In The Constitutional (122nd Amendment) Bill, 2014 (GST), it is proposed to have floor rate within which Central Goods and Service Tax (CGST) or State Goods and Services Tax (SGST) may be levied on any specified goods or services or any specified class of goods or services by the central or a particular State Government as the case may be. The Central Government has also proposed to levied GST on banking services,  the GST Network (GSTN).
                Apart from this, it is proposed in the bill, which empowers the Centre to levy  an additional tax, up to 1% on the  supply of goods in inter-state sell. The tax will be given to the State from where the supply of the goods originates. 
As an Industrial Association, we welcome the introduction of GST across the country, as the indirect tax structure shall be uniform across the country, it will provide uniform level playing field. 
               At present the said GST structure are in operation, in most of advanced countries around the world and it is proved that such tax structure is very transparent and simple and so has been adopted by other countries. The GST regime across the country  shall eliminate the existing complexity tax structure and shall provide very simple, transparent tax regime. 
              While welcoming the GST regime, it is felt that the proposed levy of an additional tax up to 1% on the supply of goods in inter-state sell, shall adversely affect the development of industrial sector of our territory of DNH and we shall not be able to attract new investments, and it will be very difficult for us even to retain the existing industries. Because as we all know that, for our raw material requirement we depend upon other states as we don't have local resources. So this inter-state purchase shall attract additional tax up to 1% and at the same time on inter-state sell  of our finished goods we shall have to pay additional tax up to 1%. This additional tax burden up to 2% will have huge impact on the industries of Dadra & Nagar Haveli in comparison to their competitors of other States. And thus, the industries of Dadra & Nagar Haveli will certainly loose level playing field. 
               After detail study in the matter, Silvassa Industries & Manufacturers Association prepared a joint representation along with two colleague associations and decided to approach Government of India to find out way-out from the situation, so that growth of the industries in Dadra & Nagar Haveli can be sustained.
              Under the leadership of Shri Natubhai G Patel, Hon'ble Member of Parliament, Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Shri Lalubhai Patel, Hon'ble Member of Parliament, Daman & Diu,  all the three association of DNH and Daman Industries Association approached to Shri Arun Jaitleyji, Hon'ble Finance Minister, GOI, Shri Rajnath Singhji, Hon'ble Home Minister, GOI and Shri Haribhai Chaudhary, Hon'ble Minister of State for Home Affairs, GOI along with the representation on issue.
                The joint representation was submitted to the Hon'ble Ministers and it was explained  that, due to this additional tax up to 1%  shall caused heavy damage to the growth of both the territories and existence of the industries shall be under threat. 
               We are pleased to inform you that Shri Arun Jaitleyji, Shri Rajnath Singhji and Shri Haribhai Chaudharyji heard us with patience and have assured that, the interest of UTs shall be taken care and it will be ensured that the industries of territories will have level playing field.
               We are sure that, as the bill is pending before Hon'ble Rajyasabha, during the discussion and before finalization of the bill,  the interest of UTs, and specifically interest of industries functioning there, are protected by Hon'ble Ministers and Hon'ble Members of Rajyasabha
Click here to view the representation which are submitted to  Shri Arun Jaitleyji, Hon'ble Finance Minister, GOI, Shri Rajnath Singhji, Hon'ble Home Minister, GOI and Shri Haribhai Chaudhary, Hon'ble Minister of State for Home Affairs, GOI. 
               On behalf of colleague industries, we convey our sincere thanks to Shri Natubhai G Patel, Hon'ble Member of Parliament, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Shri Lalubhai Patel, Hon'ble Member of Parliament, Daman & Diu , as they lead our delegations and have taken a keen interest in maintaining the growth of industries in these area
               We are also thankful to Shri Arun Jaitleyji, Hon'ble Finance Minister, GOI, Shri Rajnath Singhji, Hon'ble Home Minister, GOI and Shri Haribhai Chaudhary, Hon'ble Minister of State for Home Affairs, GOI for sparing their valuable time and gave patience hearing on the issue.
Click here to watch the photographs took during the meeting with Hon'ble Ministers
        We thank our industries colleagues for their support and participation.

Annual general meeting & annual function of sima on 19th june 2015  

The Annual General Body Meeting of the Association was held on 19th June, 2015 at Pluz Resort, Naroli. 
We are pleased to inform you that,  the following Office Bearers, Executive Committee Members and Members of Advisory Board have been elected for the year 2015-16. 

Office Bearers- For the Year 2015-16
Mr. Chandrakant M Parekh (President)
Mr. Ajit Deshpande (Vice President)
Mr. Atul Shah (Vice President)
Mr.  Sunil Ijari  (Vice President) 
Mr. Narendra Trivedi (Secretary) 
Mr. Dilip Parmar (Joint Secretary)
Mr. B.S.Shetty (Treasurer)
Mrs. Pinki Khemnani (Joint Treasurer)

Executive Committee Members for the year 2015-16 
Mr. Deepak Desai
Mr. Utkarsh Mehta
Mr. Mahesh Chauhan
Mr. Ashish Thakkar
Mr. Manish Ranka
Mr. R.P.Sinha
Mr. R.P.Sharma
Mr. Vinay Vakil
Mr. S.N.Agarwal
Ms. Deepika H. Shurma

Advisory Board Members for the year 2015-16 :-
Shri Vinit Mundra
Shri Harshad Doshi
Shri Nitin Kopikar
Shri Pradeep Lele
Shri Nirmal Jain


            Your association is pleased to inform you that, DNHPDCL had filed an appeal against the order of JERC for refund of Rs. 41.86 Crore which was excess collected by DNHPDCL from the consumers. The DNHPDCL had filed the appeal in Appellate, and all the three associations jointly defended the said appeal of DNHPDCL in Appellate. The said appeal has been dismissed by Appellate and uphold the order of JERC and accordingly the order of JERC has become absolute and DNHPDCL is now bound to refund Rs. 41.86 crores to the consumers. Click here to view the scan copy of the order. 


               Silvassa Industries & Manufacturers Association is please to note that; on representation of SIMA for simplification of procedures, for granting various permissions to industries in time bound and transparent manner, the Administration of Dadra & Nagar Haveli has given very positive and prompt  response, under the leadership of Shri Ashish Kundraji, Hon'ble Administrator of Dadra & Nagar Haveli.
               To create conducive atmosphere for new investor as well as existing entrepreneurs a "INVESTOR FRIENDLY FACILITATION CENTRE (IFC)" has been constituted to facilitate the industries. The said "INVESTOR FRIENDLY FACILITATION CENTRE (IFC)" shall be housed in the office of District Industries Centre, Silvassa. The IFC iscomprise of a Nodal Officer, Assistant LDC and Data Entry operator.
Click here for the order of formation of "INVESTOR FRIENDLY FACILITATION CENTRE (IFC)" bearing no DIC/IFC/2014/1248 dated 09/10/2014. The brief function of the IFC is also mentioned in the said order.
              SIMA is very much thankful to Shri Ashish Kundraji, Hon'ble Administrator, Hon'ble Development Commissioner and Hon'ble Secretary Industries and other concerned key officers for their initiative. This facilitation to the industry shall give boost to the industrialization of this area and Socio-economic condition of the people of this territory shall be strengthen.
           It is informed by the Nodle officer that, the application forms for the various  permission, check list of the documents to be attached with the application, information of time limits etc. is available with the IFC and fellow industries are requested to contact the Nodle officer of IFC for any  assistance and guidance.

              We once again express our thanks to Hon'ble Administrator for awarding this facility to Entrepreneurs, and demand for which was also pending since long from industrial sector of DNH.


         Your association is pleased to inform your that, on 15th August the   Executive Committee Members and donor members of SIMA  attended the note book distribution programme  at Khanvel Mission School to distribute the 2500 Nos. of Notebooks to the needy tribal students.  In the said programme Shri Shankar Waghmare, President, District Panchayat, Shri C.M. Parekh, President, SIMA, Shri Sunil Ijari, Executive Committee Member, SIMA, Shri Nirmal Jain, Executive Committee Member, SIMA, and other official staffs of SIMA were present. From the donor member industries Shri R.P. Sharma, GM, KLJ Plasticizers, Shri R.C.Gupta, Sr. Manager, KLJ Plasticizers, Shri U.U. Bhove, Sr. Manager, KLJ Plasticizers, Shri Kamleshbhai, Manager, Vikram Plasticizers were also present to distribute the note books. 
               SIMA thanks all the donor industries KLJ Plasticizers, Grauwer & Weil India Ltd, Vikram Plasticizers, Mantra Packaging and Gulf Oil Corporation Ltd. for their active participation and support in this noble cause. Silvassa Industries & Manufacturers Association has also contributed in this cause.
We once again thanks all the donor member industries for their gesture and also thanks Shri Shankar Waghmareji, President District Panchayat for providing us the opportunity to serve the poor and needy tribal students of Territory.
           Your Association is sure that its members shall always come forward and shall show such gestures for such causes in future also and shall contribute generously as our social commitment toward the down trodden section of the society. We also thank all the teachers and students for organizing such a beautiful programme.


                A Blood Donation Camp was held oni.e. 16/07/2014 at the premises of   M/s Prince Pipes & Fittings Pvt. Ltd., Athal. The said Blood Donation Camp was organized by M/s Prince Pipes & Fittings Pvt. Ltd., jointly with your association SIMA and Lions Club of Silvassa. Your association is pleased to inform you that the blood donation camp got very good response and had great success and Blood donors actively participated in the said donation camp. Nearly 69 donors donated blood and thus 69 units of blood were collected.
               Your association thanks all the donors who donated blood and participated in the noble cause. Your association hearty thanks M/s Prince Pipes & Fittings Pvt. Ltd for taking initiative and for organizing the Blood donation camp and also thank Lions Club of Silvassa for their valuable support in the Blood Donation Camp. Once again we thank all the participants, organizer and supporter, whose participation made the Blood Donation Camp a great success.


               In continuous efforts of your association Silvassa Industries & Manufacturers Association (SIMA), now electricity Department of Dadra & Nagar Haveli has started releasing power up to 500 KVA to the new industries and to the existing industries for their expansion. The power position of Dadra & Nagar Haveli is eased as department has procured additional power. It is also requested that in sanction and release of power MSME units should be given priority as they can’t go in open access. Due to the strong representation of SIMA, JERC has not proposed any increment for power tariff proposed for the year 2013-2014.

Interaction Session with Dr. Avinash Dalal, National Presidnet of All India MSME Association on Dated 28.07.2013

                 On 28th July 2013 an Interaction Session of the members of SIMA and colleague industrialist members of SIA and DNHIA was held with Dr. Avinash Dalal, National President of All India MSME Association in the Conference Hall of Danudyog Sahakari Sangh Ltd, Piparia, Silvassa. In the meeting various issues related to MSME units were discussed. Dr. Dalal explained in details the various schemes of MSME Ministry beneficial to MSME units. The members also actively participated and narrated about the problems and hardship of MSME units in our territory. It was also decided that various issues, problems and hardship faced by MSME units in our territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli should be taken up with the ministry of MSME and Home Ministry for their redressal.

            Dr. Dalal assure the co-operation and support to all the associations of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and showed his willingness to take up the matter and issues at the highest level in  Delhi through All India MSME Association. All the member is therefore requested to point out the issue faced by them and which they would like to take up at National level may approach to SIMA so that it can be taken up with appropriate level at Delhi.

Interaction Session on Fire & Safety on Dated 05.04.2013

             An Interaction Session was organized for Fire and Safety and compliance under National Building Code meeting on 5th April 2013 by SIMA and other Association in Yatri Niwas, Naroli Road, Silvassa.  
            In this Interaction Session on Fire & Safety, Hon'ble Shri Rajesh Khuranaji, I.P.S, Inspector General of Police and Director Fire, Dadra & Nagar Haveli was present as the Chief Guest on the occasion. Hon'ble Shri G.S. Meenaji, I.A.S., Collector, Dadra & Nagar Haveli was also present as Guest of Honor on the Occasion.
           Shri R.C. Sharma, Ex-Director Fire, New Delhi and Consultant of Government of India was the key speaker in the function. Shri K.S. Chandrasekhar, Member Secretary PDA, Silvassa was a Special Invitee on the Occasion.
           In the said interaction meeting numbers of industries representative were present. Hon’ble Sri Rajesh Khuranaji in his speech put stretch on implementation of Fire and Safety norms as per National Building Code. He also stretched to provide Fire & Safety equipments in the industrial premises.
            Hon'ble Shri G.S. Meenaji illustrated some of of the incidents of Fire took place in the Delhi and also explained the importance of the Fire & Safety measures to the gathering.
            Shri R.C. Sharmaji suggested that incase of providing such Fire & Safety equipment in each industrial unit how Fire Department and Administration of Dadra & Nagar Haveli can have such common facility for water storage and to provide overhead  resorveror  for the water at common place so that the water can be used libitasnilly in case of fire in such industrial clusters. This will not only reduce the cost of such facility but providing outline to each industrial units but entire cluster of the industries shall be safeguarded against any mishap of fire.
             The industrial representatives welcome the suggestion of Shri Sharma and requested Fire Department to have such common facility in such clusters where beneficiary shall contribute proposonally for development of such common facility in the cluster.

Visit to Delhi on 1st March 2013

Meeting With Shri Amrendra Sinha, Additional Secretary-cum-DC, MSME Ministry
The delegation  of your Association, consisting of your President Mr. Chandrakant M. Parekh, Vice President Mr. Ajit Deshpande, Secretary Narendra Trivedi, Executive Committee Members Mr. Sunil Ijari and Mr. Vinit Mundra on 1st March 2013 have visited Shri Amarenda Sinhaji , I.A.S., Additional Secretary - cum - Development Commissioner, MSME Ministry Govt. of India to appraise him about important role played by MSME in overall development of Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli.

The delegation also requested Shri Amarenda Sinhaji for implementation of the various schemes for MSME units which are notified by Govt. of India, in our territory so that MSME unit of Dadra & Nagar Haveli can further flourish and can also contribute further in development of our territory.

Meeting with Dr. H.P. Kumar, Chariman-cum-MD, NSIC The delegation of your Association, consisting of your President Mr. Chandrakant M. Parekh, Vice President Mr. Ajit Deshpande, Secretary Narendra Trivedi, Executive Committee Members Mr. Sunil Ijari and Mr. Vinit Mundra on 1st March 2013 have visited NSIC i.e. National Small Industries Corporation and met Dr. H.P.Kumar, Chairman-cum-Managing Director of Corporation to appraise him about the important role played by Small and Medium Industries in overall development of Union Territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli.

The delegation also requested Dr. H.P. Kumar for implementation of various schemes of Govt. of India in our territory so that MSME unit of Dadra & Nagar Haveli can further flourish and can also contribute further in the development of territory.

GAIL MEETING on 27.02.2013

We are pleased to inform you that for the benefit of industries of UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, your association SIMA organised an interaction session with GAIL on. 27.02.2013. There was very good response from the industries and also Silvassa Industries Association and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Industries Association actively participated.

Mr. Girija Shankar Head of Marketing and Mr. Amit S. Bole Marketing Officer from GAIL gave the presentation and provided the information to august gathering and was also explained the detail of providing gas by pipe line.

In the presentation description on Natural Gas as fuel, its properties, multiple applications, benefits as compared to Furnace Oil, Naphtha, Diesel, Propane, LPG, etc. was also explained in depth. The application form for obtaining gas by pipeline was also distributed to the industries who were interested. The said forms are also available in the office of SIMA, so still any of industries is interested in the natural gas can contact your Association SIMA.  On getting the detail information from the industries action plan shall be prepared by GAIL in consultation of your Association.

We once again appeal all industries to take benefit of the Gas Pipeline and also pass the information of the scheme to neighbor industries. For any query, you feel free to contact your Association SIMA.