Thank you for your active participation in AGM held on 25/07/2018 at Hotel Yatri Niwas, Silvassa.

Dear Members,

SIMA take this opportunity to convey sincere thanks to all its fellow members, who attended the “Annual General Meeting followed by Grand Cocktail Dinner & Musical Program” which was held on 25/07/2018 at Hotel Yatri Niwas, Silvassa.

SIMA appreciates the presence and active participation of its fellow members. The basic motto of our association SIMA is fellowship and unity amongst its fellow industrial colleagues and hence SIMA believe that the object of fellowship and unity can be achieved by organising such Get-together and parties at regular interval and such get-together can bring our fellow industries colleagues more closer and by sharing their experiences and problems our solidarity can be strengthen.

SIMA hopes that, the members present would have certainly enjoyed the get-together and party. Your feedback and suggestions to your association shall add more colours and cheers in our future get-together and parties.

SIMA is sure that, in future also, the members of SIMA shall actively participate in such activities and gathering and by which the unity and solidarity amongst the members and industrial colleagues shall strengthen. And with our unity, we can louder our voice and represent our issues more effectively before appropriate authority.

At this juncture, SIMA convey sincere thanks to Shri Devshi Bhai & Shri Ajit Bhai of Prashant Developers Pvt. Ltd. for  sponsoring such grand event and his gesture and initiative shall induced many other members to follow him and sponsor such event.  

SIMA also appreciates the gesture of Shri Deepak Doshi, Shri Mahesh Chauhan, Shri Nirmal Jain, Shri Dilip Parmar and Mrs. Pinkyji Khimnani for their sponsorship of such parties in past. We take proud for such motivation and gesture that members are coming forward for sponsorship of such event.

We once again thank you all and we are sure that you shall continue to give your suggestion and feedback to our association to enhance the performance of SIMA.

To view the photographs of the event, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Thanking you,
With regards,

For Silvassa Industries & Manufacturers Association

Narendra Trivedi,

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