Protection of interests of non-open access consumers

Protection of interests of non-open access consumers
Wednesday, June 8, 2016
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Dear Members,

We have received following message from the Federation of Industries’ Association, Silvassa on above subject.

Dear Members,

During hearing of ARR for 15-16, all constituent Associations had pleaded before Hon’ble JERC, that the additional surcharge on open access consumers, should be adequate enough to recover the loss, if any, due purchase of powet at higher  tariff and sale at lesser.

Hon’ble JERC, while determining the power tariff for the year 16-17, directed the DNH PDCL to file a separate petition for additional surcharge. Accordingly, DNH PDCL has filed a petition which is now scheduled tomorrow for hearing.

Meanwhile, DNH PDCL has granted NOC to open access consumers without subjecting them to the award of Hon’ble JERC on additional surcharge.

Protesting it, Federation wrote a letter to Administration and delegation met the Authorities. Unfortunately, Authorities did not agree to Federation’s stand.

Thereafter, Federation dispatched an application to Hon’ble JERC through courier.

Now, undersigned and Mr. Atul Shah, Secretary, Silvassa Industries Association are going today evening to Delhi to appear before Hon’ble JERC to plea in person to protect the interests of non-open access consumers.

Further update, on our return.


Dr. R. Shelke,
General Secretary

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