Recommended Moonsoon Preparedness by DNH Power Distribution Corporation Ltd

Recommended Moonsoon Preparedness by DNH Power Distribution Corporation Ltd
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Dear all,

Your association is in receipt of an email from DNH Power Distribution Corporation Ltd. regarding Moonsoon Preparedness.

With the monsoon season approaching, it is imperative to conduct pre-monsoon maintenance on all electrical equipment which is installed by you to maintain reliable power supply to your installation/premises.

The monsoon season brings with it heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and strong winds which can often leads to an electrical faults/outages/accidents. To minimize the impact of such events on your power supply, DNHPDCL highly recommended performing comprehensive maintenance on all electrical equipment connected to 11 KV feeder. This maintenance includes but is not limited to attach list of activities as per the annexure based on type of electrical network available at your location. TO VIEW THE RECOMMENDED ACTIVITIES, PLEASE CLICK HERE. 

However, maintaining electrical equipment may require professional assistance & therefore, DNHPDCL recommends for engaging qualified electricians.

DNHPDCL seeks your cooperation in completing the pre-monsoon maintenance and contribute to the reliability of your power supply during adverse weather conditions.


For any query you can contact DNHPDCL.

This is for you kind information and necessary actions.

Thanking you,
With regards, 

For Silvassa Industries & Manufacturers Association

Narendra Trivedi, 
General Secretary

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