Appeal for contribution for legal battle

Appeal for contribution for legal battle
Thursday, May 7, 2015
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Dear all,

​As you are aware, Hon’ble JERC, announced their verdict on 31.03.15, which has been shared with the members. In the verdict, Hon’ble JERC have also worked out surplus of Rs 139.27 Cr in the FY 13-14, surplus of Rs 72.83 Cr in FY 14-15 and surplus of Rs. 93.07 Cr. in the FY 15-16. The Accumulated surplus with carrying costs at the end of the FY 15-16 would mount to Rs 325.71 ​C​r. In spite of such a huge surplus, Hon’ble JERC did not revise the tariff downwards. 

​All the three ​Associations felt that, it was injustice to the consumers of DNH. The existing power tariff should have been reduced to adjust the significant surplus.

​As Hon'ble JERC has not reduced the tariff as demanded by all the three associations and allowed the DNHPDCL to retain surplus of Rs. 325.71 Cr. which is against the natural justice. As the consumers money is blocked and laying idle with DNHPDCL. ​

All ​the three Associations which are members of this coordination group contested the claim keenly.  They presented logical arguments before the JERC rebutting the projections made by DNH PDCL.

With this backdrop, all ​the three Associations have decided to take up matter before the Appellate Tribunal on Electricity Matter (APTEL) ​ and have decided to file an appeal to refund the surplus amount laying with the DNHPDCL in form of reduction in power tariff​.

​I​f appeal is decided in the favor of consumers, ​then ​existing tariff would get reduced by 10%. ​Which is a considerable amount in today’s throat-cut-competition era..

When power tariff in both neighbouring states is exceeding Rs 8/- per unit, energy consumers of the DNH are at much comfortable state. Role of all three Associations to achieve this has been laudable.

Recent success in getting awarded the refund of Rs 41.86 Cr in favor of DNH energy consumers was also a long drawn legal battle, but with the support, solidarity and unity of ​all the three industries ​associations, it was made possible.

Industries are again at a point, where, they have no options but to knock the doors of APTEL to seek justice.

Legal battles are very expensive. It is has been estimated that appeal would cost around Rs 5 Lacs as under:

Court Fees (approx)                                                               Rs 2,00,000/-

Advocate’s Professional Charges                                          Rs 2,00,000/-

Local legal and Misc expenses to conduct the appeal           Rs 1,00,000/-

Since, none of the Associations are required quite often to contest such legal cases to protect and promote collective interest, it has been decided to establish a common ongoing fund. This fund would be operated under the joint signatures of Presidents ​/other authorised person from the concern Associations.

All three Associations request ​fellow colleague industries to contribute minimum amount​ as mentioned as under.

220 KVa consumers                           Rs 25,000/-

66 KVa Consumers                            Rs 20,000/-

11 KVa Consumers                            Rs 10,000/-

Others                                                 Rs 5,000/-

Operating from Galas                         Rs 2500/-

This contribution is to be made urgently through crossed cheque in favor of Silvassa Industries Association (Common Fund)

The professional fees and court fees are required to be paid before 12th May, Associations request you to act promptly.

We are sure that members will come forward in speedy manner for this very important cause.

Thanking you,
With regards,

For Silvassa Industries & Manufactures Association

Narendra Trivedi,

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